AED 38.75

Thin fish fillets battered or bread. Served with sauce and fries.

Prawns Dynamite

AED 42.50

Battered Shrimp coated in special in-house dynamite sauce.

Mozzarella cheese Sticks

AED 32.50

Elongated pieces of battered bread mozzarella.

Pumpkin Soup

AED 24.50

Pumpkin puree it to smooth and flavorful texture.

Fahsa & Roti Starter

AED 45.50

Yemeni stew with lamb cutlets with lamb broth.

Prawns Caesar

AED 42.50

Sweet prawns dressed in a creamy garlic, mustard, and lemon sauce.

Lamb kebab

AED 75.75

Grilled skewers of lamb minced kebab with herbs, served with hummus, garlic sauce & our homemade roti.

Lamb Tikka

AED 78.25

Healthy, Grilled fresh lamb tikka, served with sautéed vegetable, salad, hummus, and garlic sauce, served with hummus, garlic sauce & our home made roti.

Prawns Tagine

AED 62.50

Fresh prawns cooked in a sweet and source cooked with vegetables, aromatic spices, dried fruits and nuts.

Singari Fish Sea bream

as per size

Fresh fish grilled and marinated with coriander, parsley and lot of warm spices, served with flavour

Calamari Fried

AED 42.50

Deep fried topped with lemon.

Kibbeh Starter

AED 15.25

A flavorful blend of lamb or beef with fragrant herbs and spices and hearty bulgur wheat deep fried served with french fries fries.

Lentil Soup

AED 24.25

Soup made of lentils. Hearty and comforting.

Mixed Seafood Soup

AED 38.75

Soup made by combining mix of seafood with stock forming a broth.

Lamb Chops

AED 85.50

lamb meat grilled with in-house special sauce & our homemade roti,

Vegetable Mandghout

AED 43.50

Well cooked vegetable with arabic specis, and aromatic rice, served with flavorful madghout rice, soup & a variety of sauces & pickles.